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It is very important to wear professional coats in outdoor activities, such as skiing, walking, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking. The outdoor sports wear, such as Spyder jacket, sometimes can protect you from naure danger, especially in the extrem sports.


(The Layering System) is a very effective way to you in all weather conditions before, after exercise to maintain physical comfort, and temperature of the layer clothing consists of three layers:


Space (Outer Layer) - waterproof structure can be in the wind, rain and snow protection for your body (such as: Spyder) into the layer (Mid Layer) - provide an insulation layer insulation to ensure that the temperature level (Base Layer) - provide isolation and sweat insulation surface.


Each layer of Spyder clothing is not only one part of the functionality of the system, but should be isolated from the air between each layer. Warm air over the body of two compartments, to play a role, providing a layer of clothing is very flexible.


If you feel hot, you can bundle, if you feel cold, you can put on a layer. For example, you can have multiple secondary Spyder warm wear varied from jackets to coats. Maximum comfort, each layer should be breathable and sweat. If one is limited to a layer of sweat, the other layers will not be effectively ventilated sweat.


USA The North Face outerwear in the world famous, Aosuo Ka series of outerwear, despite the relatively short history, but the quality is quite good, many sections of North Face clothing brand producing high Levy Aosuo Ka brand clothing processing production company.


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