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Laptop memory upgrade. Please help.?

I've got a e-systems 3113 laptop. I want to upgrade the memory so i went on the crucial web site and ran a memory test. it said that my laptop had two memory slots so i went ahead and purchased two 2gb of ram. but when i came to put the new ram in ther was only one memory slot. would there be another hidden somewhere else in the laptop. thanks.


Try to find out what the exact memory configuration of the laptop is. I never used an online scanning method for this (i actually don't have a laptop) but you realy need to know what size modules and how many u have, and what type, so maybe try that. Most likely just 1 module, that i think would reside in the hidden slot leaving the accessable slot unused, but that's only my guess. I have a utility called "the ultimate troubleshouter" that has a system-info tab that exactly tells me that i have 2 512 Mb memory-modules in my 1Gb asus eeebox pc, something i can't see from the outside. So maybe try that utility on your laptop, there is a free demo version here:

Your laptop needs memory to operate so obviously at least 1 slot is already occupied with a ram-module. Try to find out what size/speed this module is and look in the documentation if it wil work together with a 2Gb module like the one u bought. Then u can add 2Gb to the existing memory by using the unoccupied slot and you can use the other memory module as a spare, or if the accessable slot is already in use replace it by the new module. The important thing is to make sure any remaining old memory wil work with the new memory. I believe in most cases it should work and that it doesn't harm to just try as long as it's the same type, don't mix ddr3 with ddr2 for instance.

Or you could try to open your laptop further and access the hidden memory slot, but that's a delicate operation and only a safe thing to do if u know what you are doing by for instance having good instructions from a manual or something. But if the memory slots are on top of eachother maybe removing a memory module wil reveal a slot underneath.

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