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April twenty-second is a common day to you, right? I guess your answer must be affirmative. For most people in the world, there is hardly anything special for it is not a public holiday or international festival. But the situation in the USA is different on this special day, for it is a Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, a national holiday unique on our great land.

Perhaps you can never imagine, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is named as Take Our Daughters to Work at the very beginning. It was launched by an organization called the Ms. Foundation for Women about seventeen years ago. It was exclusively aimed to help girl students at the initial stage, but many parents and others showed their strong protest due to the fact that boys were excluded. It is in the year two thousand three that the day began to be renamed.

These protests seem to me that they are unnecessary, for boys will be really superior to girls when they grow old enough to compete in the society. It is the girls and women that are suffering from sex discrimination. In the modern times, the man-controlled world attaches overwhelming importance to the physical attractiveness of a working female. She can be not so outstanding, but a premise must be guaranteed that she must be beautiful. This causes invisible pressures on working women, forcing them to put on sexy costumes and high heel shoes at her workplace. In addition, they are invited to attend miscellaneous dinners and dancing parties. In their evening dresses and fashion shoes, they have to banter with clients and pay close attention to every trivial detail that may contribute to or hamper the reaching of an agreement.

This prototype irritates more and more working women and they claim the right to free themselves from these boring routine social intercourse. In view of this, the Ms. Foundation for Women was founded and devoted its time, energy and efforts to help the girls to establish a positive self-image and self-concept. They hope they can strengthen the girls confidence and trust in their own abilities and intelligences.

What can parents do on this day? Mothers are encouraged to take her daughters out and help them to learn about their jobs, especially in the fields such as science, math and technology. Follow these wise examples and jump please.

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