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Are these parts going to make a good gaming computer?

I am going to build my ow high end gaming computer. Besides the keyboard, monitor and mouse is there anything that i need or dont need to have to run an high end games? If so please tell me it would be greatly apreciated? THNX

Here is a list of parts i have looked at so far.

AMD® Boxed Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ (2.0GHz)
A8R32-MVP Deluxe - Socket 939 ATX Motherboard
Xion Solaris ATX Computer Case
Vortec 600 Watt ATX 12V Power Supply
200GB Serial ATA Retail Hard Drive Kit
16x Dual/Double Layer DVD±RW IDE/ATAPI Drive
Hi-Val 56x Internal IDE CD-ROM Drive
GeForce 7600 GT "OverClocked" 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E x16 Video Card
Xtreme Sound 7.1/24 bit PCI Sound Card
4 Port Ultra Fast USB 2.0 PCI Card
3-Port FireWire 1394a PCI Adapter
Signature Line 512MB PC-3200 DDR SDRAM Memory Module( 2 of these)
10/100 PCI LAN Adapter
is there any parts that i could also downgrade

The guy that said "you would need at least a faster processor (I have 2.8 GHZ for a NON-gaming PC), more usb ports, and maybe another 512 MB of memory" is incorrect.

Clock speed is next to irrelevant when comparing processors. A 2.0 dual core AMD processor is easily far more powerful than a single core 3.4 Intel. This is what we call the megahertz myth. Clock speed is way less important than design superiority. A better judge is when they were made and benchmarking. The x2 3800 easily outbenches any pentium 4 and most pentium d's and is also rather easily overclocked.

That CPU is fine for gaming, CPUs matter quite little for gaming in the end. The video card is solid. You do not need SLI for gaming. You don't need 2 video cards to run any game on the market at all, period. SLI/Crossfire is for PC enthusiasts that play the latest games at the highest video settings and constantly overclock and upgrade their systems. SLI might as well stand for silly. You could easily get away with downgrading the power supply, unless you intend to upgrade to SLI in the future. You don't need more USB ports. 1GB of RAM is more than enough for gaming. AMD processors are typically far better with games than Intels of the same price. When Conroe is released on the market, this will change though.

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