Black American

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Do you find the term Black American Princess derogatory?

I was recently looking online for the characteristics of a Black American Princess and found that some think that this term is derogatory. I know that I don't feel that way; only because traditionally princesses are considered to be the ones in society privileged with education, grace, humility and beauty. Do you feel the same?

Yes! Okay this may not be an educated response!Black women can have all of those qualities! What is considered to be an black american princess? Being Obese or uneducated? I find it to be insulting in so many ways! Why can't black women be an American Princess? I know plenty of black women who meet the standards of an American Princess! Why must people continue to lower the self esteem of young black girls? Is it not enough that many have resorted to having cosmetic surgery just to please the American standard of european beauty! Why can't we just all be equal! People are people! Let's love not hate!

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