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AT&T Uverse Vs Verizon Fios Fiber Lines?

How are they differ from each other in terms of technology,price ,features and quality?

they are both FTTH

Uverse is only available in ATT RBOC territory and FiOS is only available in Verizon RBOC territory.

AFAIK the tech behind both should be similar, if not the same. There are only so many manufacturers of of carrier grade fiber optic networking equipment.

As neither are available in the same markets, comparing price does not make much sense.
But here you go ATT Uverse:
Verizon FiOS:


Both offer analog telephone service over a fiber optic connection as close to the POTS experience that you can get. FTTC and LiteSpan2000 has been available for many years before they brought a fiber directly to someone's home, so not a huge leap in the difference of voice service quality. It is not technically VoIP.

Both offer Broadband internet services that are capable of providing greater capacity as most cable providers are currently able to. However, most cable providers are fiber to the node, so just the drop would be on RG6, and DOCSIS 3.0 has allowed cable providers to keep pace with the currently available speeds that FTTH providers offer.

Both offer television services, DVR, Caller ID on TV, and several other video features.

Unsure why anyone would need to compare between the two services since they are not available in the same markets, but there you go.... as I have no experience with Uverse, since all of my customers who have FTTH are all within Verizon territory, and they are all business customers that only have internet services I could not provide a hands on side by side comparison... But as for business internet, it is a bit more of a PITA having to call them to release the IP so that I can toss the crap actiontec router that they provide to replace it with a real enterprise or SOHO router (something someone wanting to keep all of the TV features will have a hard time with since you need their sh*t router for some of the advanced TV features)

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