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When buying a quad bike or road legal quad bike, it is perhaps a good idea to consider the history of the quad bike. While they started life back in 1893 with the quadracyle, they only really became popular in the 1970's with Honda's development of a quad bike based on their existing motorbike designs. A quad bike is defined as a vehicle traveling on low pressure tyres with a saddle and four wheels, with a mass of less than 550kg. In these modern times, the quad bike or ATV (all terrain vehicle) is extremely popular, with makes such as Apache, Quadzilla, Quantum, Kazuma, Falcon, Hymoto and TGB all available for purchase.

You can purchase a variety of different quads, such as children's quads, farming quads, sports quads, and utility quads. They are all made to extremely specific and tight guidelines, ensuring safety and security at all times.

So when buying a quad bike, what do you need to consider?
What do I need the quad for?

The utility sector is the largest in the quad bike market, and includes quads that are used for farming with winch and towing capabilities. They are generally road legal quad bikes, complete with headlights, insurance and a full MOT. If you wish to ride on the road, you will need a full car driving licence, or a bike licence issued prior to 1999. It is generally advised that you buy these road legal quads specifically for purpose rather than converting them, as it can cost as much as GBP 500 to do so.

If you want to race with your quad bike you won't need a road legal quad bike. This will cost less, as they do not require headlights and other features. Be careful not to fall into the trap of cheaper being better, and even importing your bike.

As these bikes may not be up to the same quality standard and could end up being dangerous.

Performance or features?

You may also want to consider if you require the best power and performance, or better features for your quad bike. You have to consider things such as having 4WD, or 2WD or even a bike with a switchable 2WD and 4WD option. You can consider engine size, brakes and suspension type. Brakes can be disc brakes or drum brakes and suspension can be single or dual arm as well as gas based.

Regardless of how you come to a decision, it is always best to choose the quad bike that is best for your needs and within your budget, with a focus on safety and security at all times.

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