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3 quick questions on which is better?

three questions, both facts and opinions based on personal experiences are welcome. first who makes a better processor. intel or amd? second, who makes a better video card, nvidia or ati? and third, are dual core or quad core processors better for general computing and casual gaming?

Both Intel and AMD processors are very good. Each company has at some point in time had the top processor for performance as well as the top processor for the cost. Currently, Intel seems to have the lead on processing power, but AMD has the better cost for performance. Choosing a CPU generally comes down to cost and preference.

Video cards:
Again, both have good products. What you really should do when choosing the card is look at the applications you are planning to use and see what card they prefer. Often developers can optimize their card for one over the other. For the games I play, NVidia seems to be the card of choice. I've owned both cards at home and used both at work. I am currently running NVidia, but have no problems with ATI (just the game that I'm playing seemed to support NVidia a bit better than ATI, at least based on the forums for the game).

Processor cores:
Dual core should be fine for general computing and casual gaming. Going to quad core at this point in time is "over kill". Most applications aren't developed to take advantage of multiple cores (i.e. applications aren't "multi-threaded"). Having extra cores really helps when running multiple applications. I'd definitely take a dual core over a single core since the anti-virus application will consume a good portion of one core when running.

If I were building a system today, I'd go with:
Dual core AMD CPU
NVidia video card

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