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computer help im desperate?

My system is AMD Athlon 895 MHZ (a few years old) with 512 MB of RAM i need help with overclocking the CPU im thinking to around 1100 MHZ how do i do that

thanks in advance for all the help people

you can do that by entering the bios. press the key required to go to the bios(can be delete, F2, f10, etc.). to know what key to press, just look at the monitor right after you press the power button. It appears like: "press _____ to enter setup" or something like that. then look for the adjustment of the cpu clock. In my pc's bios, it says: "cpu clock and voltage control". then you can adjust the bus speed or the multiplier to set the processor's clock. i suggest that you do this little by little, for example, by 50mhz intervals and add more fans inside. for every interval, run a 1hr test of prime 95 to check if it is stable. if it begins to be unstable, return to the previous stable speed and go for it.

I know AMD's are usually run hotter than intel processors especially the old ones. Therefore, i think you really should put some more fans inside the case or replace the cpu heatsinkfan with a fan with a higher rpm

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