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Looking for the best antivirus for 2012-2013?

I am looking for the best antivirus for 2012-2013, of course I'm willing to pay.

I don't care about cpu/mem usage since I have a beast of a computer.

By best I mean best detection rates essentially. (good features are a plus)

From my research, I'm hesitating between G Data, Kapersky and BitDefender... I'm welcome to other ideas supported by facts through!

I welcome and thank everyone's opinion!

After many years of using free A/V and anti malware I installed a Norton trial Internet security 2012 on my daughters and granddaughters computers.I always felt Norton was a huge resource hog but the latest version was vastly improved. So much so that after three months I have installed it on my computer which seems considerably more responsive. My choice now until something better comes along.

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