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Ball screws and ball screw assemblies are known to be very precise and are frequently described as precision ball screws. However the levels of accuracy can vary, based on the exact ball screw design and the way in which it is produced. Generally, the cheapest precision ball screws are also the least accurate, as a result of the less precise manufacturing method.
The lowest precision models of ball screws are those made using the rolling method. These ball screw assemblies have low levels of friction and are fairly cheap to make. However because of the rolling method that is employed precision levels are lower than with other types of ball screws. Precision ball screws produced through rolling are typically precise up to several thousandths of an inch in a foot.
High-precision ball screws are not the ball screws with the highest precision levels, however they have a greater accuracy than rolled ball screws. They have greater precision due to their production method, which is a combination of machining, case hardening and grinding. They are then examples of ground precision ball screws, which have an accuracy of about a thousandth of an inch per foot.
The ball screw models with the highest levels of accuracy are called instrument quality ball screws. These mechanisms are created with great precision employed modern machinery with high levels of accuracy. Precision milling machines are generally utilised when manufacturing these precision ball screws. Mechanisms of this kind are typically employed to make optical lenses, that must have extremely accurate measurements so as to be produced correctly. The instrument quality ball screw shafts are typically constructed using Invar, as a result of this metals ability to sustain higher temperatures which would typically destroy other metals.

Instrument quality precision ball screws can typically be precise up to about 250 nanometers per centimeter.

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