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issue about computer ram?


my motherboard can support ECC RAM and NON-ECC, if i put ECC ram they run at ECC but if ram is NON ECC it runs at NON ECC checking,

so which one is best to use and why?


when i say ECC i am not talking about server ones they ECC registered, The normal ECC has 9 chips and non ECC 8 chips on the strip

thank you in advance

Actually, sir, that's NOT an issue.

ECC RAM simply means that it has Error Control Checking built in. That's the extra chip that you see. It tends to be a little slower than Non-ECC RAM, due to the extra checking that it has to accomplish, that's why it's used more in servers and mission-critical machines and the like.

If your computer can use Non-ECC RAM, it's quite safe to use that.

You'll likely find that ECC RAM is more expensive, slower, but more accurate.

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