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Cannot Connect to Wireless Router!?


I'm currently using an IBM eServer that has a 108Mbps High Speed Wireless Adapter. This adapter isn't a USB it is a PCI card.

Yesterday, I could connect to the internet fine and everything went well,

Now I can't. Every time I connect it says Acquiring Network Address. My firewall is off and the only Anti Virus program running is Avast!

I'm currently using a Belkin N Wireless Router.

I was planning on replacing the card, but the card still connects but it just never acquires the network address. After a while it does say Limited or No Connectivity.

Am I better off buying a new Card?

Or is there a solution to my problem?

Here's the card I plan to buy -

Thanks a bunch for your help!

Usually when it says 'Limited or No Connectivity', check the password for the wi-fi connection. You might mistype the password.

try this






it might take a while to obtain the IP address

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