Intel Piii

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Can I upgrade a Intel PIII chip to a AMD chip?

The computer in question is a HP Pavilion 9734 Desktop PC (AP).

The question is that will I be able to use an AMD processor on this computer. If yes, specifically which model?
Also, is the processor for this computer a "slot" or a "socket"?

My guess would be also that you will need a new case to put your motherboard as well... You will need to do a complete build of a new computer. Many of todays up to date motherboards use PCIEx16 graphics.
I am using an onboard graphics with a AM2 style AMD processor. It has ATI x1250 onboard graphics and also a PCIE x16 and x4 slot on the board. In the future I plan on getting a better card but for now the graphics are just as good as with any AGP card I have owned...

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