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Is the Zalman USA USB Gaming Mouse good to use in Arma 3?

And how do i set up the multiple buttons on the mouse to work with Arma????? I haven't bought it yet I'm just asking before hand.

On mice with side buttons, you set a button to a certain key (you might set a side key to "Control"), and then go in game, and change your controls, so that the button that you chose to use for the side button (Control in our case) is the action you want to perform.

The mouse is $15, which likely means that it is somewhat flimsy, and prone to breaking. Also, having 7 buttons may become confusing, or irritating, if you accidentally hit the wrong one. I'd recommend a cheaper Razer, or SteelSeries mouse, but my current mouse, and by far my favourite, is the Func MS-3.
It can be amazing for ARMA because there is a side button that changes sensitivity while it is held. For example, if you're in sniper scope, and you want a more accurate shot, holding the button will lower your sensitivity temporarily, to get a very easy lineup.

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