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Latent Semantic Indexing has become a popular topic among the SEO professionals as Google has given it much importance in its algorithms. This has changed the way websites are ranked in the search engine result page. Google has always tried its best to select the most relevant and informative pages and display it before the visitors for their knowledge. With Google injecting Latent Semantic Indexing, the algorithms have started to think like a human being. If you are an SEO expert, then it is important to have a clear concept about this term.

Semantics is basically the study of language, meaning of characters, strings and words. It is to find out the exact meaning that is conveyed in the context and this technology has dramatically affected the search engine ranking. Simply checking the placement of the keywords in the content is not enough to rank a site on top, so Google used a much better means to determine the relevancy of a particular webpage and the real meaning of the words, sentences and phrases before indexing them. Latent Semantic Indexing considers the relationship of a particular word with the content of the web page in the same manner as a human being would do. It is based on this relationship that the value and importance of the page is judged.

Google has adopted this LSI technology to recognize the implication of both the internal and external links in terms of the chosen keywords and on the website as a whole.

If the links are based on one key phrase and not on any other related phrases, then the site's ranking will suffer due to the LSI algorithm. This has been implemented by Google to stop SEO professionals from using Black hat techniques to attain a higher ranking for a website. So, to solely optimize a web page, the content has to be naturally written and the keywords should be used appropriately by avoiding repetition. One can use a variety of synonyms and related words and this will help Google's algorithm to rank the website higher in the SERP.

LSI is the most powerful and automatic means of relating the keywords with other relevant words and this helps the internet users to find the most informative websites on the net. Website owners, who are willing to draw more traffic to their website, need to sprinkle LSI indexing into their content writing and article marketing efforts.

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