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important question!?!?!?!? please answer, what pets do you own how costs?

anyone who owns ANY rodent, dog or cat, please answer!

how much do you think your pet cost on average daily, or what does it cost on average a year, for muesli, hay and veggies etc... for guinea pigs, muesli, a bit of veggy for hamsters, gerbils. etc... how much does everything cost on average for ALL your pets needs, food really, woodshavings for small pets, cat litter for cats etc...

thank you, this is VERY IMPORTANT, and long story WHY.


I have a cat and he cost about 15.00 a month on average but they get costly when their is vet bills. All that can vary because it depends on your pet. It cost mr 300.00 to get everything at the beginning. For litter, carrier, brush, toys, scratch post, kitty litter box, I also rescued this cat and the donation was 140.00 which is included in the300.00 cost.
I owed ginenea pigs too. They cost 8.00every two weeks for shavings(bedding). Food about 3.00 every two weeks it all depends if you buy value food or more pricy food. The cage is the most expensive which is about 25.00 if u give them enough room to have to play and roam which they need to stay healthy. You have to clean them out often or they get respitory infections and will die.

I hope before you get a pet you think about the vet bills because that can be very costly if they get sick and you being their human you are responsible for their care.

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