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Feather hair extensions have become popular and like most new trends, it started with the stars. The fashion has been going since last year and some of the big Hollywood film stars have started to wear them In their hair. Some of these stars include Jennifer Love. You can get feather hair extensions in your hair, done by hair salons all over the USA, Canada and UK. They have been offering their clients these stylish new hair extensions. As these hair extensions have become quite commonly known women are now able to put hair extensions into their hair themselves with just a simple hair clip. A quick, simple and effective technique. It is a simple to do task of keeping them in which can now be done with a simple hair clip that comes with most feather hair extensions. They are really easy to look after and easy to take care of. It’s just a simple matter of treating them as you would casually treat you normal hair but with just a little extra tender care.


There are a few different suggest as to how feather hair extensions should be treated, and only them which are applied cosmetically at a hair salon need extra detail of care then those that can simply The fashionable new trend of wearing feather hair extensions has become quite clip in.

You can of course look after them as you would look after you normal hair as they can be washed, brushed, blow dried, curled and even straightened. If you look after them properly they are able to last up to six months it all really depends on how well you treat them. After wearing feather hair extensions in your hair they begin to mix in with you usual hair since you cannot feel them they can be easily forgotten about and go unnoticed. However do your best to make sure you do not forget about them. Always be aware of the extensions and be very cautious when brushing and washing them as you could accidently brush over the micro links. You should always brush the feather hair individually from the rest of your head to make sure this doesn’t happen. At the stage when the micro link starts to develop with the rest of your hair and are not at the root. This is when you need to start being extra careful and aware as doing something as simple as brushing with a brush or even just your finger, can easily get stuck and cause a small loop. Trust me you do not wont this to happen. If something looks wrong or starts to feel as if it is out of place in your hair always go back to the hair salon so that they can take a look at it, as they can get the lock out and put it back to how it should be .You should always care for you feather hair with lots of care as they are not actually your real hair and need to be taken care with a little more extra detail of attention. Finally if you are wearing a ponytail try to be very careful when you take out the extensions as they can easily get damaged.



Feather hair extensions can be quite difficult to buy on the high street or in shopping centres, as they can be difficult to find them in stores, especially good high quality, real ones. The best place to buy feathered hair extensions is online. the can be purchased from amazon and a good site i came across is which also sell high quality ones also.



There are a few methods as to putting in feather hair extensions, the more convenient way is to buy them and clip them into your hair yourself. This is a lot easier as you change them whenever you won’t to. You can put in different ones to suite what you are wearing and take them out when ever you feel necessary not to wear them. Also as they simply clip into the hair they don’t become a part of t your actually hair and therefore does not damage it. Some people however may still prefer them to be put in at a hair salon as they would feel more apart of your hair and a lot more hassle as to taking them out etc. It’s just a matter of personal preference.



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