Hp Dl140

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What all can I do with an offline server? Will it be a power hog what should I expect w/ power bill $?

The servers Specs: HP DL140 G2
2 x Intel Xeon 3.4GHz 2MB 800MHz Processors SL7ZD (No Hyper-Threading)
80 SCSI Hard Drive
Plan to run a lite 64 bit Linux distro
Not sure my wifi adapter will work in Linux

That is an older server, so it is not as efficient as today's stuff.
You will use more power if it is working harder.. less if it is more idle.
Power costs vary across the nation.. even in one town you may be able to buy power from several different companies.
I'd equate this with running a large ( 18") fan .. or a 60W lightbulb 24/7 to give you a really rough idea.

Many modern WiFi adapters have linux drivers.. and if not, cheap ones ( $15) are available for a USB port.

What can you do?
Offline - or just local using WiFi?

totally offline, not connected to anything else - use it as a workstation, programming & compiling machine, minor art/photoshop work.
Use it with recovery tools to try and revive old or "dead" media for fun and profit.
create your own rainbow tables.
make a giant random password generator
use it as a huge photo screen saver
place it on newspapers until recycling day
use the heat to warm up a room - dry clothes, or heat coffee.

connected - at least to something..
print server
squid proxy / logging server
household backup & deduplication
internet firewall, honeypot, tarpit...
VPN gateway

or anything else you can do with a computer ...

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