Proliant Dl145

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Which entry-level server would you recommend?

I am choosing between the following entry-level servers:
1. Dell Poweredge 1950
2. HP ProLiant DL145 G2

I am planning on deploying a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) application stack.

I am located in India. Do share your views even if you have no experience with these vendors in India. Do suggest alternative hardware to the two above?

I am considering the following factors (in order of priority):
1. Service, support, response time
2. Cost-effectiveness.

Let me give you another option you might want to consider.

TWO desktop machines....

The entry level servers you listed, aren't really that much more in terms of performance than entry level desktop machines. Although you can buy those servers relatively inexpensively, most of them use very expensive memory chips. For a price of one server and enough memory AND support contract, you can buy two of desktop boxes equipped to the same level.

You can have one on-line and have another as a hot spare. (replicate disk real-time) You can't get faster service/support than having an on-site hot spare.

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