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What specs should I look for in purchasing a server for a small business with three people?

You will really need to provide more details on what the intended use you have for the server. If you are looking only to centralize your files, you will want to look for a server with a RAID setup for storage to prevent data loss due to disk failure. If you are developing applications that will be deployed on the server or intend to run a database or application/web server, consider multiple processors and at least 4 GB of RAM (assuming you are running MS Windows 2003). In any case, don't forget to include some process for backing up your data. Depending on the volume of data, your backup time frame/window, data retention requirements, etc..., you will need to evaluate a backup system to meet your requirements (sorry, can't help without more details on your situation). The backup system could require a hardware interface (i.e. SCSI, fiber, etc...) so factor that into your server purchase too.

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