Win Tact

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Is this a decent PSU?

I would be using it for a gaming rig. There are some reviews that say ti works great for their gaming rigs, others say it doesn't. It fits my price range perfectly and 630W seems like a decent amount of power.

oh and I'll be running one internal HDD, an EVGA w/ 9800GTX +, one disc drive, 4 gb ram, and a wireless card.

And here's the mobo

Eww. Raidmax ranges from leadman rebrands that pop at 200 watts, to mediocre ATNG builds that can probably output 80% of rated power at case temperature. Yours is a latter one, and should work for a while, I guess, but really is a pretty subpar PSU, and is likely full of crappy capacitors and probably lacks some input filtering parts.

I suggest these two PCP&C units instead. They'll last a lot longer, meet their sticker ratings, not freak if cross-loaded, and they'll deliver cleaner power. I know I'd feel more at ease running these than a Raidmax, plus they have more cachet. OEM is probably Win-tact.

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