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Is there any way to get rid of veil fetish?

I am 25 year old male from India.

I am from a very highly educated background and can not discuss the issue over there. I am having fetish 'Covering face with dupatta' . Though I do not cover myself, I like it very much when I see some lady in that attire. In addition to this , sometimes , I get erection with this kind of scenes / pictures / stuffs. I get excited even when I see my very close relatives / neighbors in the same attire. This practice of covering faces with dupatta is very common , I can't handle myself , when I see such ladies / girls . As far as I believe, I'm a victim of veil fetish.

I want to know whether there is any remedy for the same , as , I do not consider this practice mature , at least on the grounds of morality. I will be really thankful to you , if you can suggest any remedy / solution in this regard. If possible , I would like to get this thing solved by non-medical treatment .

Oh you think your fetish is bad, there are some people who like to dress up as mascots and fuck each other. The way I see it is, your fetish is your very own interest, it should not be veil or looked at in bad ways. Your fetish is you own interest, and you seem to have it handled. Do you do any bad or inappropriate things around people? If so yes, then you have a problem. It's not a problem when you keep to yourself and it's you should not be ashamed of your interest.

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