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Why does my computer keep coming up with a message saying floppy diskette failure?

When i turn on my pc(dell) i get a black screen with writing on top saying floppy diskette failure, and the options of pressing F1 to start or F2 to go to setup. can anyone explain this, because my computer doesnt even have a floppy diskette drive so i find it really strange. can it be a virus? what can i do to remedy the problem? 10 points?
appreciate jeremys advice, but can anyone elaborate so i can fix it?
if i reboot as someone said down there, will it erase my files? (im not to good with computers)

Wow, that's an interesting problem.

My suggestion would be to edit the BIOS so that it doesn't look at the A drive during a startup. I had a similar problem once when I didn't have a floppy diskette drive, but I had the cable plugged in so somehow it detected it and thought that there was one. Must have been electrical noise from other things in the case that were noisy.

Best of luck!

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