Dual Itanium

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Shall I prefer Quad Xeon (x445) over Dual Itanium (x 455)? Why?

The Intel XEON processor is the preferred CPU for server type applications because it is a better performer due to the clock synchronization of the second level cache which permits single-cycle accesses. It is a 32-bit machine however. The Itanium is a 64-bit CPU with several architectural improvements with regard to performance (EPIC, predication, intelligent instruction bundling, etc.), but you only take advantage of that if you are running 64-bit applications compiled by 64-bit compilers supported by a 64-bit operating system. If I had to blindly compare the two configurations without knowing the applications involved, I would pick the quad XEON over the dual Itanium. But that kind of decision is like deciding between two blind date candidates, a blond or a brunette - there's no way to tell how much fun you'll have with either one without knowing more about them. ;)

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