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Leaking shed roof. Good company?

Hi, im based in Middlesbrough Uk. Have bought a house in august with a garden shed and have just noticed the shed is leaking on the 2 outer edges of the roof. What is the best thing to do to sort it out? I can do light diy eg painting, fixing shelves and jobs around the house but not sure if this would be too big a job to attempt.
Can anyone recommend a good value company to get in?
There is water leaking down from the wooden panels on the roof. I cant see exactly where the leak is coming from as it is raining and dark. The roof covering looks like felt like this picture and is shaped like this.

alphacenturi, any chance you can do it for me??
So if i did it myself, im assuming i do it when its dry, how long is it best to wait after the rain has stopped?

The easiest way is to buy some shed felt.

it comes on a roll for around £10 you can completely re-cover your entire shed roof with it.
You can buy better felt for proper roofs but it's a bit more expensive, shed felt will do.

They sell it in many places such as B&Q, Focus, Wickes, etc which are all at Portrack Lane close to you.
You need some Galvanised Clout nails too as you just nail it on, it's very easy.
Clout nails have a very large head so they don't go all the way through the covering.

The link below shows you how to do it, should take you an hour at the absolute maximum, more like a half hour job although get another pair of hands to make it easier.

Do the lower parts of the roof first and then ove over the top to help prevent rain getting through.
Any small holes you have can be filled with an outdoor sealant, about £5 a tube.
Also, one thing to remember that the felt on the roll is quite heavy so you might need a lift onto the car and out.

And if you get really stuck just give me a shout, i'm in Coulby Newham!

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