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Paradise just "marriage"


Further expansion

Following the recent lok group vice chairman, executive vice president arrived in Xiamen beam for the pro-"married" after thinking Man, yesterday

(August 18, 2005) and then become suddenly troubled consumer electronics market in Xiamen, Suning CEO Sun Weimin special trip to Xiamen, formally announced during the year in Xiamen and the surrounding area with seven stores open. Thus, the domestic home appliance giants gathered in three home appliance market in Xiamen, a hard-fought home appliances inevitable.

"Soviet" war Xiamen

States United States

And Suning are a pair of "old enemy" boss Gome 2004


Income of 23.878 billion yuan, the total number of 227 stores. Second child Suning Appliance sales revenue 22.1 billion yuan in 2004, the total number of 193 stores. This "old enemy" from Beijing to Shanghai immediate concern, again last month, Suning's "nest" Nanjing "blows", yesterday

(August 18, 2005)

Then laid them out in Xiamen battlefield.

Sun Weimin yesterday

(August 18, 2005)

Formally issued a "war to make," he said Suning first 3C in Xiamen

Flagship store

Lotus store on Aug. 27 grand opening.

Coincidentally, in the Suning Lian shop opened on the eve of the country the United States and the United States Nimiya shop will also be tomorrow

(August 18, 2005)

Officially opened.

Gome and Yongle

for each claim will occupy half of Xiamen, the industry believes that to be rational view of the market share, the high market share is not important, the key to see if there is no value, is not able to continue to develop, the same share is also different profit margins.

Old appliances Yetai Xiamen has been a national

Home appliance chain

Enterprises into the destruction of some power shortage


Are forced to take the shrink transformation




Meanwhile, the forward deployment of the peer has no immediate access to store and operate on the edge, which makes consumer electronics market in Xiamen basic part of a rudderless state. Accordingly, the external claims Suning, Suning's goal is scored before the end of Xiamen, 30% of the market share of home appliances.

Escalation of the war as a "national"

It is reported that the current consumer electronics market in Xiamen capacity (including


, Communications, digital) about 25 billion yuan, with all kinds of home appliance chain store 16-20 home appliances with


State has occupied the leading position.

Too late for Suning into question whether Xiamen, Suning company representatives that although the medium-sized city of Xiamen, but no less than the national level market. They do not see rivals, just look at the market. In a sense, they like to play behind the war, playing in front of a bit like guerilla warfare, I do not know who we're playing, and because the back is a bit like a war to fight positional warfare, know who we're playing, you can before making any decisions . Strike out of Xiamen, in the resources dedicated to the unprecedented strength.

Recently, Xiamen appliance industry "to survive" a red flag thought the final text of electrical wall plug in the National Electrical finally the "predators" Shanghai Yongle Home Appliances banner, both new pool, "Appliance Co., Ltd. Xiamen Yong Le Wen Si," will soon formally opened


. For Paradise "marriage" thinking paper, the industry believes that Suning and Best Man in the nineties have business cooperation, thinking chooses to work with the Wing-lok, said he understood and agreed, thinking it contained a good sales performance and


, Under siege by opponents in the country, it is very difficult to conduct the second start, this choice is wise. For Su Ning, this is not a bad thing, because this market in Xiamen, Suning face is more familiar opponent, Xiamen appliance industry


Since then also upgraded to a national competition.

Will be a hard-fought battle

According to statistics, to the end of this year, Suning, Gome, Yongle and other giant home appliance chain stores in Xiamen, the total will reach 17, 9 of which are located in the United States and Ren Palace - Train Station - line both sides of Lotus Osaka-SM , the minimum distance between the two rivals no more than 50 meters.


(August 18, 2005)

, Su Ning, director of Mr. Dai Fengjun Fujian region, introduced Suning Appliance in the development of Xiamen, Fujian whole


. According to reports, in addition to other Lotus stores this year, Xiamen, Zhongshan Road Nei Suning Electrical Appliance Chain business district, Lianqian shop, Quanzhou far too stores, Tower stores, Jinjiang Fulong shop, Zhangzhou Yan'an Road shopping area, etc. Another six stores will have opened , the new business area of nearly 50,000 square meters, forming a three-city opened seven shops with momentum.

Giant home appliance chain market, those firms in Xiamen, the most important reason is that the purchasing power of local consumers strong. Home appliances boss thought the text in 2003, turnover for 2004 reached 500 million and 600 million yuan to 2 million population, equivalent to every citizen the text last year, per capita consumption reached 300 yuan thinking. According to insiders, Xiamen, spending per capita household appliances far more than the national 50, 100 level of the coastal provinces and cities.

Wing-lok, head of the company related to that would be broken down into women's personal electronics appliances, children, electronics, electrical students, old appliances, so as to further provide specialized services. Suning relevant responsible person said that Suning will set up their own service


As the focus of improving quality.

The trade, the domestic home appliance giant, operates three relatively similar, the appearance of the entrance hall from the store display, and


Exactly the same way, and after-sales service are difficult to cultivate customer loyalty. In the next phase of intense competition,

Price war

Will remain one of the important weapons business. Who's running more efficient


Lower cost, whoever the consumer has always been most concerned about the "price" the words have more power.

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