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A healthy smile is the key to win every heart. This is why it is very important to keep your teeth healthy and in case of any damages, it is important to go for the right type of restorative options.

One of the most important and effective systems is known as the All on 4 implants system. The system is sometimes also referred to as 'Same Day Teeth' or 'Teeth in a Day'.

The technique is unique in every manner as it enables a dentist to replace a full arch of teeth with a total of 4 dental implants. This has replaced the earlier methods in which the 6 to 8 implants were made through the conventional treatment that involves a full arch implant.

This implant requires a denture or a bridge to completely transform the smile. This procedure is unique in itself because it is less expensive in comparison and can be performed very quickly as compared to the traditionally popular procedure of installing a dental implant procedure. The procedure can also eliminate the requirement for multiple appointments and bone grafting, which is required in various other procedures.

This particular procedure allows the dentist to complete the procedure by making just 4 implants. These implants help in the sustenance of a complete set of dentures. It is achieved simply due to the way the implants are placed inside the patient's mouth. The procedure requires a dentist to be extremely precise and place the implants strategically.

Results have proved that All-on -4- Implants help to provide the maximum support and stability. It is now an excellent alternative to the various popular dental treatments that have been going on for years now.

In fact it has also replaced methods like plate-form and root-form implants. The best part is that the implants can be done in simply a single day. Hence this technology is cheap as well as time saving.

The new restoration system has been devised with the combinations of various state of the art techniques like computer simulations, bio-mechanics etc., with the latest clinical research.

The technique has been invented by Nobel Biocare and Dr Paulo Malo who is a Portuguese dental practitioner. The system has been used to recover smiles for more than ten year now. Its origin has further reduced the use of invasive procedures like bone grafting. The system is safe and is an inexpensive way to replace the teeth, offering results, almost immediately.

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