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Travel computer...will this work?

I go on alot of trips and was looking at this small laptop to play games watch videos and write papers on. My laptop now is ok but the games (mostly n64 roms) freeze a decent amount and it's very slow. I was wondering if this computer would suit my needs.

I'm having trouble getting Project64 to run smoothly on my laptop with a dual core 2ghz processor :( N64 roms are just weird, I guess. On the other hand, my 8 year old desktop can emulate all the 2D systems perfectly.

An Atom-powered netbook is about as powerful as my old desktop, so with that I'd stick to emulating 2D games and only playing 3D pc games from around 2003 or earlier.

The one you're looking at uses a crappy Celeron that probably gets bogged down by simple stuff like high quality youtube videos. 9-inch Atom netbooks are as cheap if you shop around.

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