Intel Piii

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Upgrading my Cpu, what sort of results should I expect ?

Upgrading CPU From Intel PIII 1.0GHZ/256K/133FSB to Intel PIII 1.4GHZ/512/133 FSB

I'd Imagine the Simple answer is 40% because the upgrade Processor speed is 40% quicker, Doesn't always work out like that though! An example of a speed differance would be greaty appreciated. Thanks.
The reason I'm enquiring about the PIII 1.4 is that i heard its the quickest available for my motherboard. My motherboard has a zif socket 370, for a cpu to be placed. Any one with a PIII 1.4 for a benchmark? Thanks again guys

The results would hardly be noticeable for internet browsing, office apps, downloading, MP3 or DVD playing. Significant difference will show in synthetic benchmarks and some games that work better with big L2 cache.

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