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There are times when I have said to franchisees 'Life would be terrific without customers and staff!' - But unfortunately we need both.

No one reaches their highest potential by themselves

We need to be 'people builders' to build people up, not put them down - with good relationships our lives and businesses are happier with greater impact and better productivity.

Simple Keys

1. The Words We Speak

It's the small things that build people - expressing appreciation, thank you, being better listeners really encourages people.

2. Look for what frustrates people

Sometimes the way we speak, our actions, the way we refer to them in front of others, creates frustration. Without realising it we can discourage and dis-incentivise people so they are reluctant to support us. Learn to recognise this especially if you have a different cultural background - your responses can be taken the wrong way.

3. Understand we are all different

Different things motivate each of us, we think differently. To really build someone up, use the things that motivate them personally.

4. Timing is everything

We need to learn when to speak and when to give space. When someone is under pressure it isn’t the best time to deliver an important speech. Learn to allow them time to talk through the situation, then speak. Our words will not only be better received but better thought through as well.

5. Stop the multi-tasking

These days we have the laptop on, the blackberry operating and can be on the phone at the same time. When you are prepared to stop and listen to someone they know you take them seriously - you care! Learn to switch gears - when you get home after a stressful day, you need to switch the car off, and deal with the issues in your mind, before going inside.

There is nothing worse than being on the phone and trying to half greet someone as you go in the door.

6. Speak the truth in love

How you deliver 'bad' news will affect how you build people up or pull them down. It is a lot easier to deliver bad news or say no, with a positive, non-grumpy attitude. Most of us are not trained to speak the truth with respect and consideration - in a leadership situation you may need to rehearse with someone before doing this.

7. Push people up

You can help people grow to a new level. When they grow to a new level, you get lifted up as well! Don’t be frightened for your own job or your business will never grow beyond your own limited capacity. Don’t be afraid you will lose your trained people – think bigger, by encouraging, supporting and directing them we are going to see better leaders develop in the future.

8. Look for people you can bless

- That you can compliment
- That you can give a helping hand
- That you can invite out for a meal
- That you can give an encouraging note to

9. People builders love to serve

Being involved in a business today means doing what it takes to get the job done well. Your attitude in sharing the workload encourages the whole team - a 'that's not my job!' attitude is a real dis-incentive to others.

10. Learn to live life loud

Don't forget to have some fun on the journey. If all people do is work, work, work and go home exhausted it takes the fun away.

11. Learn to receive

It sounds selfish but I have learned in recent years to graciously accept a gift someone wants to give - it encourages them because I appreciate what they have done.

12. Tiredness does not create a people builder

Learn how to rest, unwind and refuel, take time to invest in yourself, be encouraged with good teaching and meet with friends who build you up. If you spend all your time at work with a to-do list, not sowing into relationship at home, that will destroy your home life and visa versa.

People look for appreciation and acknowledgment.
So what are you filling people with? Sowing good, positive encouragement will build you up as well.

"So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you'll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you're already doing this; just keep on doing it."
1 Thessalonians 5:11

About the Author

Peter Irvine, co-founder of Gloria Jeans Coffees franchise and on the team that launched McDonald’s in Australia, is a business consultant and professional keynote speaker. He offers a wealth of ideas and uses his real life experiences, making him an ideal speaker in the areas of customer service, franchising, business challenges/planning and marketing.

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