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I play the flute and suddenly when i put my flute together, every note will sound in tune except the b flat?

is this some sort of mechanical problem? all the other notes sound fine, but i dont see anything wrong right away. also, are there pads under all the flute keys including the right hand first finger?

From your question, I bet you are using the *long* fingering - the one that uses the RH 1 finger to turn B into B flat. This key OFTEN goes out of adjustment. Try using the auxiliary key - the little curvy one to the LEFT of the F key. Or try using the THUMB B flat - BOTH thumb keys. If this works, or at least sound like it is hiting at sounding better, then you know what needs to be fixed. Not hard to do - but it needs an short trip to The Flute Hospital.

Yes, all the keys have pads under them, except for the LH 1 C key - it is called a *touch* since it closes a key a little further down ( the little guy!). Also, it is pretty clear that keys on the footjoint, the 2 trill keys, and that little auxiliary B flat key close hole a little distance away - unlike the 3 main RH keys, and the B, A, G and G# keys in the LH.

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