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AR15 rifling zeroing...what exactly does the "windage" and "elevation" knob do?

Do you adjust the windage knob for the wind blowing your round around? Do you adjust the elevation knob for how high you are from sea level? I am trying to get this stuff but it is not working.

A little information: I just bought a 20" barrel AR15 and printed some 25 meter zeroing targets. They are the targets that you set at 25 meters and it zeros your rifle for 300 meters. I know WHERE the elevation and windage knobs are located on the rifle, and how to operate them (I can read lol) I am just wondering what they mean by windage and elevation.

You have made the classic "give a 16yr kid a Mustang mistake." You need to learn to drive well before you Wrap that Gt-500 in a tree. Guns are the same way. The AR-15, is your Mustang. Basics....

The knobs control the vertical (elevation) & horizontal (windage) movement of the sights. First you need to zero the gun. With a bulls eye target (Preferably a Shoot & see one), place at 300 meters. From a rested position, fire 3 shots after each other at the same point. This called a group. With a spotting scope see where shot are on the target. You then adjust the knobs so your next shots are center. This is what the knobs are for. If high? Dial low. If Left? Dial right. Get it? Then Fire a group again to see results. Continue till you get it right.

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