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2004 kia rio electrical issues?

I recently had to change the alternator and battery on my car.
This morning while driving the headlights were dimming and then the power just went off.
After a little while it started back up. It ran a few minutes and the lights went dim and the dashboard warning lights flickered and it shut off. I tried to start it and heard a clicking noise.
The clicking noise happened after I changed the alternator and found out the battery was dead.
I bought a new battery and it ran fine for a few days.

Any ideas please

Ok, you clearly have a charging system problem.

You need to isolate the problem to get to the root of it.

I would go out an buy a cheap voltmeter at Harbor Freight or Radio Shack.

1: Go out to your car and measure the voltage of the battery. It should be above 12VDC, but closer to 13.6 (especially if it is good). If it is low, it might be a bad battery, or it might be a weak alternator.

2a: Start your car and look at the voltage. It should be over 13.6 VDC (more like 14) on the battery. If it stays low after a few minutes, your alternator is probably bad. Also, check your alternator for AC voltage. This should be below 0.15 volts AC.

2b: If you need to jumpstart your car, do so, and let it run connected to the other car for a few minutes before you take your readings.

3: If your alternator is OK, and your battery seams OK, then you probably have a grounding problem. Take your voltmeter and turn it to ohms, and measure the resistance between to (-) post and the terminal (it should be less than 1 ohm), and then check the resistance between the (-) terminal and exposed metal (like the engine mount, chassis side). If these are high, fix them.

Good luck.

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