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Weve had enough of the Germans, then we had the Japanese, the Chinese, and then we have an underdog in the already ever saturating Indian mobiles market, who slowly but steadily is turning out to be a black horse in the race, and has made its way right through the consumers priority shopping list, yes here we are discussing about Micromax. Since its inception in the Indian mobiles market, back in the last quarter of the year 2008, there has never been a phase where they had to look back.

Starting up with their marathon battery models which came in a reputation of running for one entire month where an instant success the moment there commercials went on air. The key for their, this success lies in there simple agenda which they have been advocating right since their inception in the Indian market, i.e. incredibly low with their costs, but at the same time exceptionally high with their sales and services.

The Dual SIM module which was yet to find its feet in the Indian consumers psyche was almost driven single handedly by Micromax, thanks to them, many of the leading reputed brands had to cut in their price brackets to woo the audience. With a wide range of dual SIM mobiles micromax now has reached that a state, where almost all the handsets coming in from this makers is a dual DIM, dual stand by mobile handset.

Now with their latest inclusion to their already towering range the brand new android version of theirs, which, even before its launch had created quiet a stir all over the market. Now almost every existing and potential buyer of theirs is waiting with bated breath for laying their desperate hands into this latest entrant in the android family, placed at a very humble prices ranging from 6,000 to 8,000.

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