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If you know anybody with drug or alcohol addiction and suffering from mental problems, dual diagnosis treatment can help them. The two problems of substance abuse and mental health condition together can worsen the situation if untreated. It is vital to follow special programs that can help and are far more effective than traditional approaches to treatment.

Dual Disorders

Co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis is when you have a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or bi-polar disorder and a drug or alcohol problem. Both have unique symptoms and can get in the way of ability to function, deal with life's difficulties, and relate to others. The two problems affect each other and interact, and can increase when left untreated.

Recovery is Possible

Recovery depends on dual diagnosis treatment of both related disorders. The good news is that now anybody suffering from co-occurring disorders can recover if given proper treatment and support. Sometimes the mental problem occurs first that leads to substance abuse. Or, conversely, the person who has addiction to substance abuse can over time acquire mental and emotional problems.

Substance abuse can increase underlying risks of mental disorders. Mental disorders are a mix of outside factors, environment, and a complex interplay of genetics. If somebody is at the risk of mental disorder, the addiction to substance abuse can push him over the edge. Some people who have added stress or beginning of mental problems try to escape through alcohol or drugs, which makes the initial problem worse.

Important Points

There are important points to keep in mind about the recovery from the twin conditions. Integrated treatment for substance abuse problem and mental health problem is the best. The same provider or team has to deal with both the disorders with a systematic program of treatment, which is in stages, to be effective.

Recovering takes time, commitment, and courage. There is hope that people with substance abuse and mental problems can be treated at drug rehabilitation centers which deal with dual diagnosis treatment. Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. Just remember that mental problems combined with substance abuse cannot get better if you are in denial and ignore the problem. Facing the facts can mean conquering your demons and enjoying life again.


The treatment for co-occurring problems addresses both the substance abuse problem and your mental health problems. You can share in the decision-making process and set active goals and steps for change. You will be taught skills and strategies to cope with the addictions and deal with relationships. You are given special counseling designed for dual disorders. Group, family, and individual methods are employed in the treatment. Basic education is given on your disorders and related problems.

In the 12-step program for dual diagnosis treatments, it is important to follow the rules. Managing stress, following medication instructions, having an action plan for triggers, and adopting healthy habits are vital to recovery. If your loved one has co-occurring problems, seeking support, being realistic, educating yourself, and being patient are very important for recovery. There are many treatment centers located in each state where you can get treated with complete confidentiality. Reach out and get help if you are facing serious dual diagnosis problems.

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