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Basic PDUs allow a single outlet to power multiple devices, while more complex pdu offer more features such as power metering, voltage transformation, remote control, source redundancy and alarm systems.Powering Multiple Devices,All pdu allow several devices to be powered by a single power source or power outlet. pdu are particularly useful for powering computer systems that require a great many units to be powered in a relatively small space. Input Distance:All pdu offer long input cords. The length of the cord allows for power to be transferred to devices that are physically located a long distance from the electrical outlet. Typical pdu feature an input cord that is 10 to 15 feet long.

Some pdu also keep track of the amount of energy that is used by the devices that are connected to the PDU. They can meter the amount of energy that is used so that the user can keep track of the energy used by the entire device setup and ensure that components of the electrical system are not being overloaded by excessive use. Fancier PDU models can also provide readouts for each individual device that is plugged into the PDU, which can allow for more detailed device monitoring.

Many metered pdu also feature alarm systems that can issue a notification when the PDU has been overloaded or has malfunctioned. The user can set the power consumption parameters at which the alarm will be tripped.Remote Switching:Top-of-the-line pdu also offer individual device switching in addition to other available features. Switched PDUs allow the user to remotely power each device that is connected to the PDU on or off via an Internet connection. This allows users who manage systems in multiple locations to turn devices on or off without having to make a trip to the physical location.

Dual Inputs:Specialized pdu can be purchased that allow you to power your electrical setup using multiple power sources.

These PDUs ensure that your devices will continue to operate even if there is an interruption in either one of the services. pdu equipped with an Auto Transfer Switch can be plugged into two distinct power sources and will transfer power from the primary source to the backup source if necessary. Dual circuit pdu are designed for use with electrical systems that are equipped with dual redundant inputs, which allows for the PDU to be plugged into both the main power system and a generator.

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