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Is turning off your computer by just holding the power button bad for it?

I remember someone telling me that turning off your computer by holding down the power button was bad for it. I have a dell and it's not on a network, i have dsl internet, my computer is always hooked up to a printer. Is it bad for it if i turn it off this way?

It can be if you do it consistently and:

1. You have an older computer on which the power button actually turns off the power or
2. You have a newer computer for which the power button is configured that way.

Shutting the power off can have two potentially disastrous effects:

1. It may prevent everything "written" to the disk from actually going out to the disk. For efficiency, data is often held in "cache" for a few seconds, in case nearby data is also about to be written out. If you turn off the power before all the data in the cache is written, it doesn't get there. Note that "data" here could be system data that could prevent you from coming up the next time.

2. Worse, cutting power to the disks could botch up writing in the middle of the write. At its worst, this could give you a disk that had to be low-level formatted again to be used.

Don't do it unless you absolutely have to.

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