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Recent years, the car stereo modified car enthusiasts in the wind in Sichuan became popular in the quiet, free time, many riders together, began to "sun" from the stereo. However, journalists have recently received a lot of owners hotline, reflect their sound in the converted stores were converted, battery time was cut short, while opening sound, car fire on Dabu Zhao. In addition, the cable car as intertwined as the spider's web, they fear a long time, this will not cause short circuit? Question for riders, relevant experts to give your answer.

Case of a half-day power songs 10 minutes Cart

Some time ago, Mr. Chang spent Neijiang 3000 Ocean, for their modified car was sound. One day, he went to meet friends, to the agreed place, the friends not to, so he stalled and open the sound and enjoy the music played. 10 minutes later, a friend arrived at the agreed location, but how Mr. Zhang has also Dabu Zhao fire, and a battery indicator to see the table, has come to the red line position. No way, Mr. Zhang had with friends, pushed the car to an auto repair factory town repair.

Expert answers: Mr. Zhang met this situation is due to the modified sound power is too large, not be properly converted shop deal making. Owners should be selective in the modified sound, select a vehicle matching the car amplifier and speakers to carry out modification. Meanwhile, in the conversion process, the modified division also should be based on the actual situation of audio and car, in place installation of a capacitor, to ensure continuous supply of electricity.

The same time, owners in the use of sound, the flame should be avoided listening to music, or the sound was very big.

This will not only run out of power soon, will also affect the audio performance and service life.

Case 2 wires to blame the car smoking

Two years ago, she had got to his car made a sound conversion. A few days ago, her way to work, open the amplifier and sound, and the sound was very big. A few minutes later, Ms. Zhang was an acrid smell of burning smell, she turned around and saw the co-pilot's seat and back, emerging a plume of smoke, she hastened to the car pull over and turn off the power, smoke slowly spread. Ms. Zhang to drive the truck to the repair shop, were examined. Original, smoke is due to connect the wires and the car stereo wiring short circuit occurred.

Expert answer: formal conversion shop, in the process of conversion sound generally attaches great importance to install the component. Because in the conversion process, to changes in vehicle line, so the audio signal lines and power distribution lines should be reasonable, especially in the audio signal routing, traffic leaving the computer unit and the amplifier power cord at least 20cm around. If the wiring too close, the audio signal will be disturbed, resulting in noise and sound effects. Meanwhile, in the process of wiring should be equipped with power, insurance, to ensure safe use of electricity. Power lines also must be insulated to prevent wire after aging, a short circuit with the original car lines and affect driving safety.

Current Q & A Experts: Zhong Yaowen

Expert Profile: Zhongyao Wen, senior car audio technician, serving four Chuanjin Bang audio conversion shop manager, started in 2002 in car audio conversion, specializing in car stereo mix, modification and debugging.

Tips for audio conversion key is to match

Before conversion, the owner should consider the priority to improve the sound of which, we should consider their own car space, can not be blind to see the kind of car modification shop. In the choice of brands, to learn more about their brand awareness, quality, cost and so on. But clearly their favorite music style, choose a good source host, and with the appropriate speakers. Modification should choose a professional conversion shop, also pay attention to installation link. In the audio conversion is completed, teachers should be required for debugging modified until the best results. Do sound processing is also important as a vehicle at high speeds, wind noise, tire noise and mechanical noise will interfere on the sound system.

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