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There are quite a few choices available when it comes to buying interlacing jets. Here we'll discuss in brief about two of the most popular choices: texturizer and tack jets.

Texturizer Jets:

These kinds of jets are used in single, which are extruders used in manufacturing automotive fabrics. Companies involved in producing texturizer jets take utmost care in the production processes. Especially heat- treated alloy is been used in producing these jets. This special alloy gives these jets a longer lifespan as well as robustness. Thanks to their simple mechanism, these jets can be well-matched with most kind of couplings. Manufacturers provide color identifications on them for easy usage and the integrated air stop helps it to work better. As most of the time these jets are to be installed for a lifetime, so availing ISO 9001 certified texturizer jets is highly recommended.

Tack Jets:

Tack jets are made from high speed steel alloy and are better than standard OEM ceramic units. They have a longer life compared to the other. They are less prone to damages due to operator mishandling or abuse. Moreover, some companies design them with a split line along the yarn path to eliminate broken corners.

A tack jet can also survive drop tests from over three feet height, which is impossible in case of ceramic units. However, one must buy them only from a reputed company maintaining strict ISO standards for quality. Standard OEM ceramic units are made from ceramic and are quite brittle.

Moreover, some reputed companies produce them by following strict ISO 9001:2008 certified process. This allows these jets to offer better durability, air consumption, tack level and internal geometry. Some companies also offer a tack jet in 15 to 30 percent lesser rates compared to ceramic units.

Order Them Online:

Apart from these interlacing jets, there are other jets including a whole line up of temco jets and other custom jets. One can order jets depending upon his/her specific need and can also get them manufactured on customized dimension. Ordering interlacing jets in bulk or even in lesser amount is not an issue now. Thanks to this current phenomenon of online shopping, every business is having a web face of it. There are a range of companies like www.ppiparts.com extending online ordering facility for jets. One just need o register, place an order, pay for it online, and the assortment will be delivered right at the door steps within no time virtually.

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