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Fictional and fantastical as it may sound, the parallel universe theory is gaining an increasing amount of scientific backing with every passing decade. The theory suggests the existence of multiple universes which in turn lead to multiple worlds. Though there are still numerous open ends to these theories, they are gradually filling a lot of holes in understanding the universe and the theory of general relativity. Except for deep meditation, past life regression or other such techniques, people don’t really experience the concept of many worlds in everyday life.

The theory of parallel worlds or many worlds is one of the many ways in which the existence of parallel universes can be explained. American physicist Hugh Everett explained this theory with the help examples from the quantum world. The best way to understand events happening on a large scale is to look at the microscopic level. According to Everett, trying to measure a quantum object instantaneously causes a split in the universe. All the possible outcomes exist in different universes.

This parallel universe theory suggests that if a physicist is measuring a quantum particle as a particle, the same physicist will be measuring the quantum particle in the form of a wave in another universe. The two different observations will give different results which will hold true in their respective universes. It is from this observation that we came to the conclusion that any form of a particle can be measured in multiple states.

However, you do not need to look at things at the quantum level to understand how this theory of parallel worlds works.

According to this theory, every instance where an action has more than one possible result in theory, the universe splits into the number of possible results the moment the action is taken. For example, you have an option to walk to your destination or take a bus. The moment you choose to take the bus, the universe will split into two. In the alternate universe, you will choose to walk. Again, when you take the bus, you have a choice of seats. Within this universe, it will again split to match the number of choices you have.

The parallel universe theory with many worlds does not end here. The theory also changes the way we look at time. We usually place events in our life in a linear manner with respect to time. However, with the splitting of universes and different occurrences in different worlds, time looses the linear characteristic. Time will resemble the root system of a tree rather than appearing in a straight line.

However, this theory of multiple universes and worlds is not the only possible theory to explain how the universe works. Again, apart from this theory, there are many other theories that validate the parallel universe theory and make the whole concept pretty believable. Past life regression seems to be one of the best metaphysical processes to explain this process as people visit their past selves in worlds that are well beyond them.

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