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I had to part with my old Linksys router. A well deserved rest for all the rigorous hours rendered and labored. I must say it is not the best router, but it served its purpose well. So after canvassing and researching, I'm left with D-Link, Belkin and Trendnet. These brands boast of their own special features and advantages. Price is not really a major issue. I just want to buy something that will be a good investment and that will last for at least a year.

Trendnet is not a popular brand so I was really doubtful if it will be worth it. I was really attracted by its sleek look. Shiny black appearance that will naturally blend with any of your house appliance or room motif. I read enough reviews that will help me avoid any installation problems. I made sure that I am well informed of the router's known or popular issues. I just typed in my browser's address bar. That's where I also accessed the configuration. If you are the obsessive compulsive type, you will find yourself constantly wiping the fingerprints you left on this router. It is similar to the jet black DS Lite. Now, it's very noticeable that the lights are not as bright as the other routers. It has the right brightness or glare. Green light means it's not a gigabyte connection. If it's orange it's in gigabyte connection.

This router is phenomenal especially when you are into intensive streaming of high definition video and gaming applications. Its advanced features are commendable such as the quality of service that automatically detects and prioritizes different types of network traffic. I also like the hardware switch for the easy turning On and Off of the wireless feature. The button on the outside helps in the quick and hassle free security setup through the wireless
protected setup.

Compared to my old loyal router, Trendnet has given me a wider range. It has given me solid transfer rates in every room in my house- a two storey house with four rooms. This router has everything mounted to a single board. It can also be used vertically without losing good reception. This also minimizes overheating that can damage the product. For its price, there's nothing I want more than a detachable antenna and a USB port. So far, so good. Recommended.

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