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What is the best USB wireless (802.11g) adapter for Linux?

I have an Ubuntu Linux system and I'm looking for a USB 802.11g adapter that won't be a complete nightmare to set up. I'm very Linux-savvy, but have better things to do with my time than waste hours finding the right combination of driver and ndiswrapper, etc. I want something that will work easily and well.
Answering my own question:

Wow. I was in the exact same situation a few months ago. I bought the Belkin F5D7050 WiFi adapter. I had been using it in Windows for a while, then when Windows started to fail on me, I switched to Ubuntu 5.04. Took about a day to get it set up using ndiswrapper, but finally got it setup. Then I tried to dual boot, totally killing my configuration. I just decided to drop Ubuntu there. I like Linux, but it's a lot of trouble to get wireless cards configured. Have you taken a look at the Ubuntu Support forum? It has a great deal of support information for WiFi adapters. Another good place to try and find one that will be optimum for your configuration is the Ubuntu IRC channel. "(numbersign)Ubuntu" is the channel.

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