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can a chevy 700r4 tranny "physically" fit in a 1963 FORD FALCON?

im wondering if the size of the tranny is too big, width wise and tall wise. i know some parts customizing will need to be done. also, i know that people have put 302 v8's in a falcon, but what about BIG BLOCKS? do they" fit"?
well i have a few 454's laying around and a nicely rebuilt and ready 700r4. the falcon already has an upgraded late model rear end. im just curious, as i have no ford motors and never had.

the car DID have a 302 in it last.

Anything will basically fit in any car.

Removing the tranny hump and fitting a new one is a relatively small task, if you are you are going to go to the extent of trying to fit a bigblock and a T700.

As far as a big block, you would need to do major work.

I belive you would need to change to a mcphearson strut, K frame and steering rack conversion to make adequet room.

You would also need to either strengthen or replace the chassis, as well as upgrade the brakes and diff (obviously)

My question is why would you want to put a chev or any chev parts into a Ford? There are TONS of Ford parts that will go as good as, and perfrom as well as a the chev.

My choice would be a cross boss motor, which could easily produce as much power as the car could handle, with either a C4 or FMX box (No real need for an o/d, and with power and torque, the o/d would be prone to break anyway). You also have the option of alloy heads, which reduce weight, or you could also fit many NASCAR parts to the motor and blow the doors off a slug of a big block.

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