Rackmount Case

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HDD storage rackmount w/ hptx mobo tray?

I'm looking to make a one-shot, one-success scenario with having a rackmount case that can, first and most importantly, hold an HPTX motherboard. More specifically, the EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard with two cpu slots.

Next, I want that same case to also have slots for 2.5" hard drives in the front so that I can have my motherboard and hard drive array in the same case instead of buying a large case, and then another separate hard drive storage rackmount case.

So, I wanted to know if anyone knew of a case that can both hold a HPTX motherboard and many hard drives, 2.5", in the front?

the only rackmount that I have now is from GamePc. They have an HPTX rackmount, but only two external drives.

I don't think that's going to fly. A 19" rack enclosure has internal dimensions of no more than 16.5". That board is 15" long which gives very little room for maneourve, and no width left at the back for the power supply. The only possible way to arrange it would be a 6, 8 or possibly even 9U case where you have the depth to stack components one on top of the other. The pricing of even regular 4U cases is disproportionately expensive, so I suspect when you are going into physically larger and non-standard cases then even if they are available they will cost enough to make you wince.

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