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Safe towers Pvt. Ltd. focuses and specializes in the manufacturing of Telecommunication Towers, Mobile Towers, Transmission Towers, Power Transmission Towers, & Wireless Towers and also engaged in Mobile towers installation and Telecommunication towers installation. We are also designing self supportive communication towers, Guyed Must Tower, Self Support Tower, Monopoles Tower, Shelter Tower and Radio Tv Tower.

We offer custom steel products for telecommunication and utility applications including designing, fabrication, galvanizing, and installation of all kind of Telecom Towers. We have earned the reputation for timely delivery, quality and total reliability of its tower services. We have been recommended for certification to ISO 9001:2008 for designing, manufacturing and installation of structure for communication networks.

Telecommunications Towers are available in different types and range in height but the three general forms of telecommunication towers are Self Supporting Towers, Guyed Towers and Monopole Towers. Self-supporting towers are free-standing lattice structures, Guyed towers are stabilized by tethered wires, and Monopoles towers are consist of tapered steel tubes that fit over each other to form a stable pole.

Telecommunication Tower height ranges from 30 to 300 meters or more. Each form is made of hot dip galvanized steel sections. It is assumed that the predominant load on these forms of towers is wind load. Masts could be guyed or free standing. Free standing masts should not exceed 150 meters in height. Each form of towers is installed on a property with the written permission of the property owner and above 30 meters in height with a clearance certificate. No masts or towers are installed within 15 kilometers of any airport without prior approval.

The open space available at the site of a proposed mast or tower installation must be at least three times the space required by the base of the tower. While Mobile towers installation and Telecommunication towers installation, it is the height of a tower that determines the number of antennas that can be accommodated, which in turn determines the capacity of the towers, apart from factors such as location and geographical conditions. India is the second largest and fastest growing mobile markets globally.

The total number of mobile subscribers in India has increased from 6.4 million in March 2002 to around 350 million in December 2008 and Safe Towers Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Telecommunication tower to the many Telecom Network Companies and also leading in Mobile towers installation and Telecommunication towers installation.

Safe Towers (P) Ltd. offers services for Mobile towers installation like Site planning, Site acquisition, Obtaining of necessary regulatory approvals, Erection and commissioning of towers, Provision of support services for the towers such as back-up power, air-conditioning and security and Provision of turnkey solutions to telecom companies such as sourcing of equipment, testing and maintenance and all the services are also provided while Telecommunication towers installation.

For more information please visite our website: http://www.safetowers.com/tower-erection.php

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We offer Telecommunication towers installation & Mobile towers installation. For more details, visit our website www.safetowers.com


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