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Water Filter

You filter your drinking water, so why not your bathroom water? A quality water filter will eliminate any iron oxide particulate from your water, in addition to smaller items like chlorine-resistant bacteria, calcium carbonate, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants. Obviously, most of these won’t be an issue if you have a reliable water supply, but mineral solutes in hard water are essentially the only cause of soap scum. They combine with soap and dirt to leave an unsightly, gritty, and hard-to-remove layer of calcium deposits. The more pure your water is, the less soap scum you will have.


Humidity Control

Excess humidity contributes to the growth of mildew, mold, and other fungi. While bleach products can keep the problem at bay, these unattractive species will generally start growing again as soon as you are done cleaning. There are a few ways to control the humidity in your bathroom. You should set aside a towel to wipe down wet surfaces, as more surface water leads to more mildew. You should also invest in a new or refurbished dehumidifier to turn on every time you shower. While you may have a ceiling vent for this purpose, it probably isn’t as reliable as you would hope. You should also dry towels and floor mats regularly to ensure they don’t contribute to excess humidity levels.



To ensure all cleaning products, mold spores, and other environmental contaminants dissipate quickly, keep the bathroom as well-ventilated as possible.

This will be your easiest purchase, as you just need to buy a large fan from a vendor that specializes in refurb home appliances. All fans basically do the same thing, and while more expensive models will work better, it is better to spend your money on the other items on this list.


Low Temperature

Fungi and bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments. Since you’ve already eliminated the humidity factor, you may as well follow through to eliminate the heat. This is obviously more important during the summer months, as bacteria thrive most at temperatures above 75°F. Buy a portable air conditioner to use during the summer months—you can keep it in storage for the rest of the year.


pH Control

Some bacteria can’t handle an acidic environment. Prepare a 5% solution of white wine vinegar and water. Spray it in the shower regularly to kill bacteria and prevent mildew growth. A stronger solution should help to break up soap scum. Because soap scum has a more basic pH, the acetic acid in vinegar solutions help to neutralize soap scum, breaking it away from the tile and making it easier to clean up.


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