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Older sever, need to know it's architecture?

I have and older server, unknown brand. "Intel Serverboard G7ESZ". 2x 1.0Ghz processors, 5 SCSI hot swap HD,s "RAID 5" controlor... yada yada...

I need to know it's architecture...X86? i-386 i686 X-86/64? I am certain it is not an AMD
Intel no longer supports this in their archives.

I also would like to know what (if any) LINUX server Distro will work with this...

Thanks much!

Here's the spec's: (It's also called an Intel STL2)
(This is the technical specification page from It's a PDF download.

Here's a website that shows the spec's on it.

(Has two Socket 370 sockets on the mobo. Uses Intel Pentium III processors with a 133MHz FrontSideBus.
Will support Pentium III's with a frequency speed from 667MHz to 1024MHz. (1GB)
Supports up to 4GB's of SDR Sdram at 133MHz that's Error Correction Code ram. (Slower ram for servers, because it checks itself every other clock tick.) Probably PC133 ram that's ECC.

Just an example above. Not sure if the voltage, ram timings, and chip configuration is correct. Probably is though. Pretty cheap stuff, huh? This is only 256MB's! Your mobo has four ram slots with a maximum of 1GB each. Hmmmm.

Little bit better price. You might want to check around this site, for related parts also. I bought a mobo a year ago for someone, and installed it. Still works great today!

Here's your Linux. Ubuntu Server Edition.
(Main page)
Server Edition:
(Not familiar with their server edition O/S.)

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