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If you are looking for a storage system for filing, archiving, and other product needs for your business, you may consider roller racking. Roller racking is one of the smartest storage systems in the market for businesses of all types. Whether you have a business related to pharmaceutical products, medical surgical disposables, CD, DVD, VHS tapes, IT related business, banking business, or anything else, the roller racking will provide you greater storage space and flexibility, and would let you enjoy ease of use.

Roller racking or mobile shelving or roller shelving or rolling storage, as it is popularly called, is a storage system with double sided cabinets mounted onto a heavy-duty rotary base. The cabinets can be turned 90 degrees thus letting the operator access either side of the mobile shelving without moving his/her position. The fast and easy retrieval storage system is ideal for businesses with minimal space, yet extensive storage space requirement.

The roller racking system eliminates the need for various access aisles. It needs only one access aisle as it can conveniently move along the floor track. When an item is required, the particular shelving bay can be identified and an adjacent aisle can be easily created, by moving the mobile shelving units apart. The roller racking system helps free up a valuable floor space which can better be utilised for either more storage or any personal use.

The unique designing of the rolling storage system allows one to choose from a full range of internal accessories, depending on one’s specific storage needs. You may get extension bays added on either side of the initial bays or get duplex shelves, reference shelves, lockable drawers, locker units, dividers, and lot more.

Further, the roller racking systems are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit not only your space requirements, but also your office interiors.

You may choose the style and finish of the mobile storage system based on the colour and material used for your office furniture, walls, and fixtures to create an impressive office environment.

The market in the UK is flooded with various manufacturers producing mobile racking systems for business use. However, if you are interested in buying the roller racking system for your office, you must visit The website has over 25 years of experience in selling functional and space saving storage products. All products are manufactured to ISO9001 Quality standards and ISO14001 Environment standards, ensuring high quality and competitive pricing.

As well as roller racking systems, it also offers rotary units UK, and rotary accessories, mobile shelving, cabinets, and much more.

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