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Managed storage service is a service which involves the storage of an organisations data on a network server. The important factor for any managed storage services or data storage services is security of the data, along with availability of a back-up solution. Nowadays, every business enterprise and organisation has started integrating web presences as an important part of their business to increase their sales ratio and return on investment and simultaneously they are searching for better storage services which can help them to save their important business data, safe and securely. Managed storage services with the help of SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network-attached Storage) storage infrastructure have certainly played an important role in meeting these requirements. Below is a brief overview on both types of managed storage services.


SAN Enabled Managed Storage Service


A storage area network or SAN is a dedicated managed storage service based on storage network which allows the access to consolidated and block level storage. SAN’s are generally used to develop storage devices such as tape libraries, optical jukeboxes and disk arrays. These devices are made accessible and appear serving as an internal part of the operating system. In fact, a SAN enabled managed storage service has its own network for storage devices which are usually not accessible through the regular network by regular devices and is also protected by a layer of firewalls and antivirus, hence it proves to be secure from security threats.

Over the last decade SAN enabled managed storage services have been widely used in organisations around the world. Direct attached storage devices which are dedicated to an application and are visible as a number of virtual hard drives are consolidated together by SAN using a high-speed network.


NAS Enabled Managed Storage Service


Network-attached storage or NAS is a managed storage service where file-level data storage is linked to a computer network and provides access to various devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, as well as a variety of numerous kinds of computational components. Besides serving and operating as a file server NAS is also specialised for the tasks operated by these components with the help of its hardware, software, or configuration of its own components. A NAS appliance specialises in storing and sharing files across the network.   Since 2010, NAS enabled managed storage service is gaining popularity at a great pace and is in huge demand by the market, because of its robust and easy-to-use method of file sharing between multiple computers. Its major benefits include faster access of the data, simple configuration and easier administration.

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